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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas- (Interview with What Happened In Vegas)

Q: One of my friends found out about you guys from Alternative Press Magazine and I’m glad she told me to check you guys out! How did What Happened In Vegas become what it is today?

A: WHIV has been through a lot, to say the least. We started this project at a young age and have learned many tools of the trade through our many years of touring and growing as people and musicians. Though we’ve had some recent member changes, it hasn’t affected the sound and the direction I’ve had my mind set on all along. The journey continues…

Q: The song “Basement” Is a good song. Couldn’t really get the meaning of it. What’s the meaning behind it all?

A: The song Basement can get as literal as you want to take it. It’s about me being trapped in my f**king basement! The 4 walls of concrete holding in my hopes, dreams, fears, life…  I spend countless days down there thinking of the craziest things, almost sometimes losing myself in those thoughts and feelings. I dream of “getting away” sometimes and forgetting it all. That’s where the chorus comes in and says “If i could be ‘not here’ for a while, I think that might just help” Sometimes getting away from it all, even it being in my own head, helps me.  I’ll always be trapped in that basement.

Q: Another song that was tricky to get was “It Hurts To Be Right”. What was that song about?

A: I wrote this song when it seemed everyone around me was just able to live life and be okay with the things that were happening and that they were going through. People were telling me to “stay positive” in times of my life where it seemed like there was NO possible way to do such a thing. I wasn’t able to grasp even the simplest concepts of life anymore.

Q: Your song “Don’t Take This Personal” sounded like a good but harsh song. Was that a song written about a real life experience?

A: That’s an older song. I wrote that about a girl I really REALLY liked in high school. But it seemed as I was never good enough for her. Turns out I ended up dating that girl for about 3 years. lol.

Q: What was the inspiration behind your EP “The Anatomy Of A Boy’s Mind”?

A: I wanted that CD to capture everything that was going on in my head at the time. So I liked incorporating that whole Idea through the CD. I’ll always write what’s real to me & exactly what I’m feeling. I’d feel like I’d be lying to everyone if I did any different.

Q: Have you guys been doing any shows lately by any chance?! If so how have they been going for you?

A: We actually have been taking a break from shows for a while to work on our new full length CD that we’ve been writing! That’s been going great!! Our first show back is September 17th!

Q: During a show, have you had a fan jump on stage and sing with you guys?

A: Yeah, It’s awesome seeing people sing along! We’ve had a few people come up & sing with us before! It’s awesome!!

Q: What’s the best part about being in What Happened In Vegas and why?

A: I love being in WHIV because I can completely express my true feelings. I have a real hard time opening up to people & it gives me a real chance to get everything off my chest.

Q: Before I forget, my friend who got me into you guys wanted me to ask Aaron how it is to be in 2 bands. Is that easy or hard for you?

A: It’s really easy. My other band/project “February Fist Fights” is just a studio project between me and my long time friend Ben. We just record the songs in my basement when we both have free time. So, it doesn’t really clash with WHIV at all!

Q: I see you guys joined Warped Tour and I will make sure to catch your set when you come to the Orlando, FL date! What’s the best part about being on Warped Tour?

A: We played Warped Tour last year and the year before! This year, we were just walking around doing a ton of promotion for WHIV! Meeting cool people & selling CD’s to get our name out there!

Interview by: Wellington Gibson -Official Website -Facebook!/WHIVegas -Twitter

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