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Bears Among Men – “Restored” Review

Bears Among Men are a post-hardcore band from Lompoc, CA, featuring vocalist Jose, bassist/vocalist Kyle, guitarist Fernando, guitarist Ryan & drummer Gregg.

The band recently released their latest EP titled “Restored”, the 5-track EP is a good start for this independent band, it’s got those melodic swings to heavy breakdowns and some catchy choruses, it’s got a little something for everyone who’s a fan of post-hardcore, for a very young band, and being able to write tracks with Joel Piper (Confide) really helps their creative writing for this EP.

It’s hard these days to stand out from the rest of the scene/genre, but I believe Bears Among Men has that edge that separates them from other bands, some could say it’s the vocals, you might say it’s the instrumentals on this release, but overall this whole EP oozes talent, some may not see it but I do, the passion this band brings to their music drives them to rise to something more with every song.

Restored is an interesting release, I enjoyed what I heard, the mixing/master phase could have been done a little better, but that’s what you’ll have to deal with when you’re an independent band, it music makes up for the production flaws, it’s a good release, check them out.

Review by: Andrew Bromley -Facebook -Twitter -iTunes

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