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Here Comes The Cavalry – The Way We Live EP Review

Here Comes The Cavalry is a six member Post-Hardcore/Metalcore band from New Haven, Connecticut. The band has released a new EP titled “The Way We Live”.

Here Comes The Cavalry features the lineup of:

Mark Hales - Vocals

Jon Leite - Guitar 

Mike Barent - Guitar

Julian ‘Jubez’ Leite - Bass

Jordan Leite - Keyboards/Programming

Josh Wheeler - Drums

The EP was produced by Ivan Fiallos-Zambrano over at Endeavor Audio, the 3 song EP is a mix of electronica with a metalcore/post-hardcore feel, the first track “Robot Symphony” was a good way to introduce the band, the electronics swell in and getting a track moving, then comes in Mark Hales clean vocals and they’re well pitched even with the screams as well, the band reminded me of a young Casino Madrid, you can hear plenty of influences from bands such as Oh, Manhattan to The Devil Wears Prada (Plagues era)

The 2nd track “For All Mankind”is a very catchy track, the electronics throughout this song are placed perfectly, the middle of the song shines most, with a mix of both cleans and screams reminding me exactly of Oh, Manhattan. This song is the stand out track for the EP.

To end off the EP comes “The World Renowned” which really lets the cleans have a time in the spotlight with the screams taking a back seat, with slight screams here and there, they don’t over shadow each other and push each out of the song, the choruses are my favourite parts of the song, it’s a rock/metal kind of chorus and fits with the clean vocals.

The instrumentals are very good, amazingly written, seeing these influences used well with their sound is great to see, these guys have written a fantastic EP for themselves, it’s a start to something more, maybe a full length in the future.

The Way We Live is very well written and produced, nothing feels over produced or rushed, they have released a previous EP to TWWL and this is a far improvement from those tracks by far, I could somehow get lost in the sound, some of the electronics weren’t thrown in random areas of songs, they were blended well, the lyrics and vocals aren’t bad, for a young bad the vocals are top notch, these guys are still a young band with a lot to prove, it’s great to hear something new these days to enjoy, give these guys a shot and check them out.

Review by: Andrew Bromley -Facebook -Twitter –BandCamp Music Page

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