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From Heavy Breakdowns to Synth Sounds: Here Comes The Cavalry - “All Signs Point Home” EP Review

Here Comes The Cavalry is a band that I can see going very far with their music. I agreed to review their debut EP, “All Signs Point Home,” which in my opinion was exceptional for a breakthrough album.

Here Comes The Cavalry really knows how to bring everything they’ve got into each and every song. “Illusions” was a good choice to open with and turned out to be one of my favorites. There wasn’t a moment in the song that I disliked one bit. Every heavy breakdown added more and more to the song, complimented by softer parts from clean vocalist Mark Hales. The song “Home Is Where The Start Is” was another favorite of mine on the EP. Once again, the unclean vocals by Justin Thompson and breakdowns by the rest of the band are what really caught my ear. After listening to this EP, in a way their style reminds me of the band Nightmares Never Sleep.

Here Comes The Cavalry is going places, and nothing will stop them no matter what comes their way.

Review by: Wellington Gibson -Facebook!/HereComesTheCav -Twitter

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