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The Stump under the spotlight- (Patrick Stump streams new single with two versions)

Former Fall Out Boy front man Patrick Stump has been hard at work working on his new and first solo album called "Soul Punk". He recently released two versions of a song called “Spotlight”, the first version is called "New Regrets" and the second version is called "Oh Nostalgia". Stump said on his Facebook and Twitter pages to “I recorded 2 separate versions of Spotlight and after months I still can’t decide which one should go on the record. If you’ve got a minute, please take a listen and let me know which one you prefer. Thanks -Patrick”. My opinion on both songs, I love both of them but my vote goes to the second song “Oh Nostalgia”. Really stoked to see what else is up Patrick’s sleeve and can’t wait for his “Soul Punk” album to come out!

Article by: Wellington Gibson -Patrick’s Official Website -Facebook!/patrickstump -Twitter -iTunes

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